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# Defines if arena is active and able to play in.
active: true
# Arena name.
name: Sample Arena

# Arena join requirements.
# Player must met all the requirements from ANY ONE of the sections.
  # Custom requirements section.
  # Allowed requirements:
  # - permission: [true/false] - Player must have arena permission.
  # - clear-inventory: [true/false] - Player must have empty inventory.
  # - money: [amount] - Player must have certain amount of money/coins. Zero or negative values will be skipped.
  # - exp-level: [amount] - Player must have equal or greater exp level. Zero or negative values will be skipped.
    permission: true
    clear-inventory: false
    money: 0.0
    exp-level: 0

# Arena Waves settings.
  # Amount of possible alive mobs in the arena. When limit is reached, no more mobs will be spawned.
  entity-limit: 150
  # When true all alive mobs will be killed when new wave is started.
  entity-auto-kill: false
  # Delay between waves (in seconds).
    # Delay before the first wave.
    first: 3
    # Delay between all other waves.
    default: 10
  # Wave number when the game will be finished. Use -1 for unlimited.
  final-wave: 100
  # Conditions to process the next wave.
  # Current wave will be marked as 'completed' and next wave timer will start when arena met all the conditions from ANY ONE of sections.
    # Custom conditions section.
    # Allowed conditions:
    # - alive-mobs-percent: [amount] - Completes when amount of alive mobs (in percent) is equals or lower than the specified value.
    # - alive-boss-percent: [amount] - Completes when amount of alive bosses (in percent) is equals or lower than the specified value.
      # With these settings new wave will start only when all the mobs are killed.
      alive-mobs-percent: 0.0
      alive-boss-percent: 0.0
  # Wave Progression settings. Useful if you want to make game harder with each wave.
    # Custom progression section.
    # You can create many sections with different settings.
      # Section priority. The higher priority will override. If multiple sections have the same priority, they will be applied together.
      priority: 10
      # How often (in waves) this section will be applied.
      interval: 2
      # Starting from which wave this section will have effect?
      wave-start: 0
      # This section will have effect until the specified wave. (-1 for unlimited)
      wave-end: -1
      # List of waves, that will be skipped for this section. Wave numbers must be separated by a comma.
      wave-skip: 5,10
      # Progression formulas.
      # Placeholders:
      # - %players% - Amount of alive players.
      # - %wave% - Arena wave number.
      # PLEASE NOTE: These formulas has addictive behavior!
        # Mob amount formula.
        amount: (%players% * %wave% ^ 0.70) / 1.25
        # Mob level formula.
        level: '1'
      # List of arena mobs that are affected by this progression.
      # You can put '*' to include/exclude all the mobs.
        # When true, excludes only listed mobs from this progression.
        # When false, includes only listed mobs for this progression.
        reverse: false
        - '*'
  # Arena Waves.
    # Custom wave identifier. This identifier is used in arena region waves.
        # Mob identifier.
        # When using internal AMA Mobs: Use mob filename from /mobs/ folder. Case insensitive.
        # When using MythicMobs: Use mob config name. Case sensitive!
          amount: 1
          chance: 100.0
          amount: 1
          chance: 100.0
          amount: 1
          chance: 100.0

# Arena Gameplay Settings.
  # Arena timeleft (in minutes). When time is ended, game will be force stopped and counter as a lose. Use -1 for no timeleft.
  timeleft: 30
  # Lobby preparation time (in seconds).
  lobby-time: 30
  # Multiplies the coins amount dropped by mobs.
  coins-multiplier: 1.0
  # Enables/Disables arena start/end announces.
  announces-enabled: true
  # Enables/Disables arena scoreboard. ProtocolLib Required.
  scoreboard-enabled: true
  # Enables/Disables arena shop.
  shop-enabled: true
  # Enables/Disables player hunger reduction.
  hunger-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables natural health regeneration.
  regeneration-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables an ability to drop items.
  item-drop-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables an ability to pickup items.
  item-pickup-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables item durability reduction.
  item-durability-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables usage of Chorus.
  chorus-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables usage of Ender Pearl.
  ender-pearl-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables slime split on death.
  slime-split-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables mob exp drop on death.
  mob-drop-exp-enabled: false
  # Enables/Disables mob item drop on death.
  mob-drop-items-enabled: false
  # Commands that are automatically executes when arena game starts/ends.
  # Use %player% placeholder to execute command per each arena player.
    # Executes when arena game started and players are teleported to the spawn point.
    - 'heal %player%'
    # Executes before the game ends and players got teleported back to their pre-game locations.
    - 'say Arena Ends!'
    # Minimum amount of players to start the game.
    minimum: 1
    # Maximum possible amount of players.
    maximum: 10
    # Player lives amount. When this value is greater than 1, player will be able to death on arena multiple times before being kicked.
    lives: 1
    # When false, player exp on arena will be reseted in game and restored after the game.
    save-exp: false
    # Enables/Disables spectate on the arena.
    enabled: true
    # When true, players will be moved to spectators after death.
    after-death: true
    # When false, disables all non-arena commands in game.
    enabled: false
    # List of commands allowed to use in game. You can add only one command alias and it will have effect for other aliases.
    - msg
    - balance
    # Enables/Disables kits on the arena.
    enabled: true
    # List of kits allowed to use on this arena. Use * for all kits.
    - '*'
    # List of kits that can be picked by only certain amount of players.
      tank: 2 # Kit 'tank' can be picked by no more than 2 players at the same time.
    # Enables/Disables pets on the arena. Supported plugins: MyPet, CombatPets
    pets-enabled: false
    mcmmo-enabled: false

  # When false, player rewards will be wiped after death.
  save-on-death: false
  # When false, player rewards will be wiped after leaving unfinished game.
  save-on-leave: false
  # Rewards list.
    # Custom reward identifier.
      # Reward priority. Higher values override. Rewards with the same priority will be given together.
      priority: 10
      # How often (in waves) this reward will be given?
      interval: 5
      # Starting from which wave this reward will be given?
      wave-start: 0
      # This reward will be possible to obtain until the specified wave. -1 for unlimited.
      wave-end: -1
      # List of waves, when this reward won't be given.
      wave-skip: '3,6'
      # Reward name.
      name: '&a&lHEAL!'
      # When true, reward will be given instantly in game.
      instant: true
      # Chance to obtain this reward.
      chance: 100.0
      # List of commands that will be executed when reward is given.
      # Command syntax: Click!
      - '[CONSOLE] heal %player%'
      # List of items that will be added to player's inventory.
      # Items stored in Base64, to convert the item type in chat: /fcore base64 to
      items: []

# Arena default region identifier. This region is used to spawn players when game is started.
default-region: default

# Arena locations.
  lobby: 68.47657573843871,7.0,280.5210897893799,1.9499964,0.18371026,flat
  spectate: 68.4905479779261,7.0,279.4675546849402,0.74999166,-0.56629175,flat

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