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# Defines if region is active and should be used on arena.
enabled: true
# Region name.
name: '&6Sample Region'

# Region bounds. Use in-game editor to modify.
  from: 58.0,2.0,285.0,0.0,0.0,flat
  to: 78.0,13.0,306.0,0.0,0.0,flat

# Region spawn location. Used to spawn/teleport players in this region.
spawn-location: 68.48821591678721,4.0,287.5165017048336,0.6000008,0.33362466,flat

# Region entrance settings. Allows you to create map progression or some kind of dynamic map.
  # Settings defines when region is locked/uncloked.
  # When region is locked, no mobs will be spawned there and players will be unable to go into it.
    # Unlock mechanics.
      # Location of hologram that displays region unlock conditions. HolographicDisplays Required.
      # Use region editor to setup the location.
      hologram-location: 'null'
      # Unlock triggers/conditions.
      # Allowed triggers:
      # - on-wave-start: [num1,num2] - Triggered when new wave is started.
      # - on-wave-end: [num1,num2] - Triggered when wave is completed (when next wave timer is active).
      # - on-region-lock: [region1,region2] - Triggered when region is locked.
      # - on-region-unlock: [region1,region2] - Triggered when region is unlocked.
      # - on-score-amount: [num1,num2] - Triggered when arena total score is changed.
        # Custom triggers section.
        # Region will be unlocked when ALL the conditions from ANY ONE of all sections are met.
          on-wave-start: 0,6,12
          on-wave-end: 3,9

# Region waves.
# NOTE:  From AMA 7.0 waves in arena config replaces the function of /waves/ folder in AMA 6.X.
# This means that you have to setup waves in EACH region to make mobs spawn there!
    # Custom wave identifier.
      # Wave priority. Higher values will override. Multiple waves with the same priority will be applied together.
      priority: 10
      # How often (in waves) this wave will be spawned.
      interval: 1
      # Minimal wave number when this wave can be spawned.
      wave-start: 0
      # Maximal wave number until this wave can be spawned.
      wave-end: -1
      # Number of waves that will be skipped.
      wave-skip: '-1'
      # Arena Wave Identifier. Arena Config -> waves -> list.
      wave-id: default
      # Region spawner identifiers where this wave will be spawned. Use * to include all spawners.
      - '*'

# Region mob spawner identifiers and locations.
# Use region editor to add or delete spawners.
  spawner_on_red_stained_glass_1: 63.0,3.0,301.0,0.0,0.0,flat
  spawner_on_red_stained_glass_0: 73.0,3.0,301.0,0.0,0.0,flat

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