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Plugin Permissions

  • advancedmobarena.user - Access to basic plugin functions.
  • advancedmobarena.admin - Full plugin access.
  • advancedmobarena.arena.[arena] - Allows to join specified arena.
  • advancedmobarena.arena.* - Allows to join any arena.
  • advancedmobarena.kit.[kit] - Allows to buy and use specified kit.
  • advancedmobarena.kit.* - Allows to buy and use any kit.
  • advancedmobarena.bypass.arena.join.ingame - Allows to join the arena during the active game.
  • advancedmobarena.bypass.arena.commands - Allows to use any commands in arena.
  • advancedmobarena.bypass.kit.cost - Bypasses kit cost.

Plugin Commands

Command Aliases Description Player only Permission(s)
/ama balance - Show coins balance. Yes advancedmobarena.user
/ama coins - Coins management. No advancedmobarena.admin
/ama editor - Open GUI editor. Yes advancedmobarena.admin
/ama forceend [arena] (reason) - Force stop specified arena with specified reason. No advancedmobarena.admin
/ama forcestart [arena] - Force starts specified arena. No advancedmobarena.admin
/ama help - Show plugin commands. No advancedmobarena.user
/ama hologram - Stats hologram management. Yes advancedmobarena.admin
/ama join (arena) - Join to specified (or random) arena. Yes advancedmobarena.user
/ama leave - Leave the arena. Yes advancedmobarena.user
/ama list - Open arenas GUI. Yes advancedmobarena.user
/ama reload - Reload the plugin. No advancedmobarena.admin
/ama score - Manage player's in-game score. No advancedmobarena.admin
/ama shop - Open arena shop. Yes advancedmobarena.user
/ama skipwave (amount) - Skip specified amount of waves. Yes advancedmobarena.admin
/ama spectate [arena] - Join the specified arena as spectator. Yes advancedmobarena.user
/ama spot - Manage arena spot's game settings. Yes advancedmobarena.admin
/ama stats - Open stats GUI. Yes advancedmobarena.user

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