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Step 1. Create Arena Base

  1. Type /ama editor in chat.
  2. Click on Arena Manager.
  3. Click on Create Arena
  4. Enter arena identifier.
  5. Arena created. Now we should setup it.

Step 2. Create Arena Region(s)

All arenas are consist of cuboid regions. Arena must have at least one region to work.
Each region contains it's own settings, that defines which mobs at which spawners will be spawned there, entrance settings and other.
Creating multiple regions is useful when you want to create map progression, make arena more dynamic, etc.

Region Creating:

  1. Enter in arena editor.
  2. Select the arena where you want to create a region..
  3. Click on Region Manager.
  4. Click on Create Region.
  5. Enter region identifier in chat.
  6. Define the region bounds using the Region Cuboid Selector.
  7. Use Region Save Tool to create and save region.
  8. Region created. Now we should setup it.

Step 2.1. Setup Arena Region(s)

After creating new region, you'll see new items added to your hotbar. Each tool has description and usage method(s). We'll use them to setup the region.
When you're done, you will be moved back to the region editor GUI, where you can change region name and make it as default arena region (if needed).
If your setup is missed something or is incorrect, you'll see warnings in the editor.
Create as many regions as you need for your arena and then go to Step 2.2.

Region Setup Tools:

  • Region Cuboid Selector - Used to define region bounds. NOTE: When you enter in setup mode you may see that region bounds are swapped. This is correct, and region area is still the same.
  • Region Spawn Tool - Used to define region spawn location. This location is used when players got teleported to the region.
  • Region Spawner Tool - Used to define mob spawners. You can leave region without the spawners, but no mobs will be spawned there.
  • Region Container Tool - Used to place/remove refillable chests with custom items that can be used in game.
  • Region Hologram Tool - Used to display region Lock/Unlock state(s). Required HolographicDisplays.
  • Region Save Tool - Used to save changes and exit the setup mode.
  • Region Exit Tool - Used to cancel changes and exit the setup mode.

DON'T FORGET to enable region in region editor GUI!

Step 2.2. Setup Arena Locations

When arena region(s) created, we can define the arena locations, because some of them must be inside the arena region.

Defining Locations:

  1. Enter in arena editor and select the arena.
  2. Click on Arena Setup Kit.
  3. New items will be appeared in the hotbar.
  4. Use each item to define the assigned location. NOTE: You may to not define the leave location, then players will be moved to their previous location before they joined the arena.
  5. Use Arena Save Tool to save the changes and exit the setup mode.

Step 3. Configuration

Now, when arena and regions are created, we can start to edit config files.

  1. Change settings and add waves in Arena Config (Click) file.
  2. Change settings and add waves in Region(s) Config (Click) file.
  3. Change settings in Shop Config (Click) file.
  4. Do /ama reload (if needed) and enable arena in arena editor!

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