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Example Enchantment Config

# In-game enchantment name.
name: 'Haste'
# Enchantment Tier. Must be a valid tier from main config!
tier: 'rare'
# Enchantment levels.
  min: 1
  max: 3

# Settings for enchantment table.
  # Minimal player exp level to be able to obtain this enchantment.
  min-player-level: 30
  # Chance to obtain this enchantment.
  chance: 15.0

# Anvil settings.
  # Defines how many exp levels will be added to a final cost when this enchantment is applied on a result item.
  # (FORMULA ALLOWED, see below)
  merge-cost: '%level%'

# Villager settings.
  # Defines the chance for this enchantment to be applied on villager's enchanted books and items.
  chance: 40.0

# Loot settings.
  # Defines the chance for this enchantment to be applied on items and enchanted books inside the chests in freshly generated chunks.
  chance: 40.0

# Enchant settings.
  # -----------------------------------
  # This section contains enchantment formulas, chances and settings.
  # You can provide different values and formulas for each enchantment level instead of global one!
  # You can also use some placeholders:
  # - %level% - Enchantment level.
  # -----------------------------------
  # Example:
  # This is global formula for all enchantment levels, so enchant trigger chance will be 30, 60 and 90 for 1, 2 and 3 enchantment levels.
  enchant-trigger-chance: '30.0 * %level%'
  # BUT you can provide different chances and formulas for each or for some of enchantment levels:
  # PLEASE NOTE that enchantment levels are in single quotes as well as numbers and formulas!
    '1': '30.0'
    '2': '40 * %level%'
    # We did not provide any value for the latest (3rd) enchantment level, so it will use the latest formula of greater level here.
  # And the same is possible for almost all other enchantment values including these next ones.
  effect-level: '%level%'
  effect-duration: '%level% + 5.0'

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