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Command Arguments Description Player only Permission(s)
/quantumrpg buff [player] [damage/defense/stat] [id] [amount] [duration] Add specified attribute buff to a player. No quantumrpg.admin
/quantumrpg modify - Modify meta of hand item. Yes quantumrpg.admin
/quantumrpg set - Add or remove QRPG attributes to item in hand. Yes quantumrpg.admin
/quantumrpg reload - Reload the plugin. No quantumrpg.admin


Permission Description
quantumrpg.class.[id] Defines player class for Vault as a class plugin.
quantumrpg.bypass.requirement.class Bypass item player class requirements.
quantumrpg.bypass.requirement.level Bypass item player level requirements.
quantumrpg.bypass.requirement.soulbound Bypass item player soulbound requirements.
quantumrpg.bypass.requirement.untradeable Bypass item untradeable attribute.

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