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SkillMeUp Permissions

Permission Description Given by default
skillmeup.user Access to basic plugin features. Yes
skillmeup.admin Full access to the plugin. No
skillmeup.command Full access to the main plugin commands. No
skillmeup.skills.reset.[skill_id] Allows to reset progress of certain skill. Yes
skillmeup.skills.prestige Allows to prestige any skill for any level. Yes
skillmeup.skills.prestige.[skill_id] Allows to prestige certain skill for any level. Yes
skillmeup.skills.prestige.[skill_id].[prestige_level] Allows to prestige certain skill for certain level. Yes

SkillMeUp Commands

Command Arguments Description Player only Permission(s)
/skillmeup addbooster [player] [skill] [modifier] [duration] Adds personal booster for specified player's skill for specified duration. No skillmeup.command.addbooster
/skillmeup addexp [player] [skill] [amount] (allowBooster) Adds specified amount of exp to specified player's skill. No skillmeup.command.addexp
/skillmeup addlevel [player] [skill] [amount] Adds specified amount of levels to specified player's skill. No skillmeup.command.addlevel
/skillmeup info [skill] Displays information about the specified skill. Yes
/skillmeup stats - Displays all your skills and levels. Yes skillmeup.command.stats
/skillmeup menu - Opens the Skills GUI. Yes
/skillmeup perks [skill] [type] Opens the Skill Perks GUI. Yes skillmeup.command.perks

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