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Party Module

Party module provides an ability for cooperative play and leveling in SkillMeUp.
Also, it's based on QuantumRPG's Party module, but highly recoded and with better performance.
It contains the following features:

  • Party Size - When player creates a party, amount of max. party members can be different depends on creator's rank.
  • Party Chat - A simple way to communicate between party members withour using the global chat.
  • Party GUI - A GUI with all party members, information about the party and certain click-actions.
  • Exp Sharing - Depends on the exp mode of the party, exp from certain sources are allocated for certain party members.
  • No Friendly-fire - Party members can not damage each other.
  • Teleportation - Party members can teleport to each other once in specified time.
  • Sound effects - For the most of party actions there is a bit of sound effects :D

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