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Perk Placeholders

These placeholders could be used in some messages, icons, descriptions and other places. If you see one or more of these placeholders somewhere, then you can use all of them there.

  • %perk_id% - Displays perk id.
  • %perk_name% - Displays perk name.
  • %perk_type% - Displays perk type.
  • %perk_state% - Displays perk state (format in config.yml).
  • %perk_description% - Displays perk description.
  • %perk_description_next% - Displays perk description for the next level.
  • %perk_level_min% - Displays perk min. level.
  • %perk_level_max% - Displays perk max. level.
  • %perk_trigger_chance% - Displays perk trigger chance.
  • %perk_cooldown% - Displays perk cooldown.
  • %perk_upgrade_cost% - Displays perk upgrade points cost.

Formula Settings

Some config options are supports math expressions and custom values depends on the perk level. Here are some examples how you can use it for perk customization.

The main placeholder is - %perk_level%. In some settings it can be different, but you will know it.

It is not necessary to use expressions and placeholders, you can always provide a raw value.

Expressions are calculated on plugin load (not on runtime) for each perk level, so don't worry about the performance.

Example #1 - Simple Expression

This is simple expression that uses level placeholder to calculate the final value.

Formula_Setting: '5.0 + %perk_level% * 2'
Fornula_Setting: 10

Example #2 - Math expression per each level

This is a bit more complex solution in case if you need different values/formulas for certain levels that can not be calculated by one expression.

  # This number is a level for which this expression is.
  # If this number is missing some of level(s), the greatest number less than or equal to the level will be used.
  # So, in this example, for perk with levels 1-4 will be used expression from '1' number, for perks with 5+ level - from '5' number.
  '1': '5.0 + %perk_level% * 2.0'
  '5': '7.0 + %perk_level% * 3.5 / 1.25'

# Enable/Disable this perk from being registered to the skill.
Enabled: true

# Localized name.
Name: 'Fleshcutter'

# Perk description.
# Each perk has its own placeholders for individual settings, they all are usually already presented in perk description.
- '&7Every &f3rd arrow &7hit for the same target'
- '&7in &f%perk_charge_duration% seconds &8(timer updates on every hit)'
- '&7inflicts &f%perk_damage_amount%% more &7damage.'

# Perk icon to display in skill perks GUI.
# Item options you can see - HERE -
  material: ROTTEN_FLESH
  name: '%perk_name%'
  - '%perk_description%'

# List of worlds, where this perk won't be triggered/activated.
- world1
- world2

# Leveling settings.
  # Min. and Max perk level.
  # Note: If min. level is above 1, player will have to upgrade this perk to this level before being able to activate it.
  Min: 1
  Max: 30
  # How many perk points is needed to upgrade perk to certain level?
    # This number is perk level for which this formula is.
    # If this number is missing some of perk level(s), the greatest number less than or equal to the perk level will be used.
    '1': 10 # 10 points to upgrade from 0 to 1 level.
    '2': 1 # 1 point to upgrade from 1 to 2-29 level(s).
    '30': 2
    '31': 1
  # Prestige bonuses.
    # How many levels will be added to the max. perk level when prestige is upgraded.
    # It uses %skill_prestige_level% placeholder to calculate the value.
    Max_Level_Add: '%skill_prestige_level% * 5'

# Chance that perk will be triggered (for passive perks) or successfully activated (for active perks).
Trigger_Chance: '100.0'

# Perk cooldown (in seconds).
Cooldown: '0'

# Individual perk settings.
# All the number settings are [!FORMULA SETTING!]
    Duration: '4.0 + 0.2 * %perk_level%'
    Amount: '5.0 + 1.25 * %perk_level%'

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