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Command Aliases Description Player only Permission(s)
/afk - Enter to afk mode. Yes sunlight.enhancements.afk.cmd.afk


Permission Description
sunlight.enhancements.afk.bypass.kick Bypasses the afk kick timer.


  # Time (in seconds) before player will enter afk mode.
  # You can provide different times for different ranks.
  # When player has multiple ranks, the greater time (or first negative one) will be selected.
  # You can use default timer for all ranks not listed here.
  # If player has a rank not listed here and default value is missing, -1 value will be used.
  # Negative values means that player will never enter afk mode automatically.
    default: 600
    staff: 900
  # The same as above, but time before player will be kicked from the server while in afk mode.
    default: 1200
    staff: -1
  # Afk check interval (in seconds).
  # Lower values = more accurate, but can cause performance drop.
  check-interval: 5
  # Custom Actions that will be executed when player enters/quits the afk mode.
  enter-afk-actions: {}
  exit-afk-actions: {}