NightExpress's Plugins Wiki

Drop manager for QPRG's items.

Group Multipliers:

  • Define the drop chance multiplier for specified permission groups.​​

Drop Tables:

  • Create drop tables with your own drop conditions and list of items.
  • An option to enable only one item drop from the table.
  • Level Penalty. Define the max. level difference between the mob and player, when items should not drop.
  • World white-list.
  • Biome white-list.
  • WorldGuard region black-list.
  • Drop Items:
    • Drop chance for each item.
    • Plugin item id and module type.
    • Min. and max. item level with a formula.
    • Custom Actions on drop.

Mob Tables:

  • An option to select only one random drop table to drop items.​​
  • Vanilla entity type white-list.​​
  • MythicMobs white-list.
  • SpawnReason black-list.​​
  • List of Drop Tables to drop items from.​


Default module settings are described HERE.

cfg_version: 1.0
command-aliases: drops
messages-output: ACTION_BAR

# Permission Group drop chance multipliers.
# Player group is auto-detected from Vault.
  VIP: 1.25
  Premium: 1.5
  Gold: 1.75

Drop Tables

All the tables must be stored in /tables/ folder. Sub-folders are allowed.

# Drop Table name
name: '&dExample Gems Table'
# When true, selects the one random item to drop.
# When false, iterates for each item.
roll-once: true
# Level Penalty.
  enabled: false
  # Max. difference between the mob and player level, where it stop drop items.
  # Example: Player level is 25, mob level is 10. 25 - 10 = 15, 15 > 10 (variance) = No drop. And vice versa.
  variance: 10
# List of worlds, where this drop table will have effect.
# Add ALL to include all the worlds.
- world
- world_nether
- world_the_end
# List of Biomes, where this drop table will have effect.
# Add ALL to include all the Biomes.
# List of WorldGuard regions, where this drop table will not have effect.
region-blacklist: []
    chance: 15.0
    # Plugin item id.
    # Set this to random to drop random item.
    item-id: 'random'
    # Item Module type.
    type: GEMS
    # Min. and max. item level. You can provide simple number or a formula. Like: %mob_lvl% + 5 * 2 / 1 (random example)
    # Placeholders:
    # %mob_lvl% - Mob Level.
    # %player_lvl% - Player Level.
    min-level: '%mob_lvl% + 1'
    max-level: '%mob_lvl% + 3'
    # Custom conditions.
    # [MYTHIC_MOB_LEVEL] (> < >= <= =) NUMBER, Like: [MYTHIC_MOB_LEVEL] > 15
    # [PLAYER_EXP_LEVEL] (> < >= <= =) NUMBER
    # [PLAYER_RPG_LEVEL] (> < >= <= =) NUMBER
    # [IN_WG_REGION] [REGION] [true/false]
    # [IN_WORLD] [WORLD] [true/false]
    # [ENTITY_TYPE] [TYPE] [true/false]
    additional-conditions: []
    # Custom actions on item drop.
    # Check the Actions Guide HERE.
    actions-on-drop: {}

Mob Tables

All the tables must be stored in /mobs/ folder. Sub-folders are allowed.

# Chance this mob will iterate the drop tables.
chance: 100.0
# When true selects only one random drop table.
# When false iterates for each drop table.
roll-once: true
# Whitelist for vanilla Entity Types.
# Add ALL to include all entities. If mob is MythicMob, this option will be skipped.
# Whitelist for MythicMobs mobs.
# Add ALL to include all mobs.
- SkeletonKing
# Prevent to drop items, if mob was spawned by one of the following Spawn Reasons.
# List of Drop Tables, that will be used to drop items.
# Put here drop table file names without the .yml extension.
- table_gems