NightExpress's Plugins Wiki

This module provides very simple and lightweight economy system.

Depends on Vault!

Support offline players

  • Manage user's balance while they offline.

Start Balance

  • Define the start money amount for new players.

Balance Top

  • Show the most rich server players when type /baltop


# Time in minutes for /baltop updates
baltop-update: 15
  # Currency symbol
  symbol: '$'
  # Start balance for new users
  start-balance: 100.0

Commands and Permissions

Command Aliases Description Player only Permission(s)
/balance (player) /bal, /money, /cash View player's balance. No
/balancetop (page) /baltop, /moneytop List of balance leaders. No
/pay [player] [amount] - Sends money to player. Yes
/eco give [player] [amount] /economy give Gives money to the player. No +
/eco take [player] [amount] /economy take Takes money from the player. No +
/eco set [player] [amount] /economy give Set money for the player. No +