NightExpress's Plugins Wiki

Available Generators:

  • NORMAL - Default vanilla generator.
  • EMPTY - Void world.
  • [PLUGIN] - Provide plugin generator name.


# Simple per-world inventory manager.
  # Enables/Disables inventory manager.
  # You may notice that plugin will save player inventories even
  # with disabled inventory manager. This is correct to prevent
  # losing player items if you will enable it someday.
  enabled: true
  # Name of default world where current player inventory will be transfered
  # if he don't have inventory data when joined to save current player items.
  default-world: world
  # Invetories, that will be affected by inventory manager.
    inventory: true
    ender-chest: true
  # List of worlds, that will be affected by inventory manager.
  # You can put here '*' to affect all server worlds.
  - '*'

Commands and Permissions

For world creation, you'll see command argument suggestions.

Command Aliases Description Player only Permission(s)
/worlds - Worlds list. No core.cmd.worlds
/goto [world] - Teleport to specified world. Yes core.cmd.goto
/move [player] [world] - Teleports player to specified world. No core.cmd.move
/createworld [name] (ENV) (GEN) (TYPE) (DIFF) (SEED) (STRUCTURES) - Creates world with specified settings. No core.cmd.createworld
/deleteworld [world] - Deletes specified custom world. No core.cmd.deleteworld
/loadworld [world] - Loads specified custom world. No core.cmd.loadworld
/unloadworld [world] - Unloads specified custom world. No core.cmd.unloadworld